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Banana and berries yogurt bowl

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

⚠ If you are on a low carb diet, no banana. To reduce the calorie intake, avoid the banana and sunflower seeds, and reduce the peanut butter (tsp instead of tbsp). If you are vegan, choose a non-dairy yogurt (such as coconut or soya yogurt)



  • Berries | handful of blueberries and 3 large strawberries

  • Banana | 1

  • Natural Greek Yogurt | 200-250g

  • Peanut Butter | 1tbsp

  • Sunflower seeds | 30g


1. Wash the berries

2. Peel and slice the banana to a bowl

3. Add 2 strawberries cut in pieces and some blueberries

4. Cover the fruit base with the Natural Greek yogurt

5. Add the peanut butter and top up with the remaining strawberry and blueberries. Add the sunflower seeds if you want


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