In order to regulate our memberships and appointments, we have developed a Booking and Cancellation Policy. All terms stated in this page are applicable to all users (visitors, members, clients), without exception and to both online and live bookings.


Last update: 11th July 2018

The following terms describe the methods, conditions and restrictions to memberships, bookings and cancelations when you book a service with us, and are applicable to all users.

We have developed this policy to guarantee that we keep equal rights to all members, reduce no-shows and late cancellations, improve commitment, regulate our Services, guarantee availability for the users to book their appointments, avoid repetitive reschedules or cancellations and clarify all users about our memberships and booking system.

We reserve the right to change this policy terms at any time, and in our sole discretion. If any changes occur, we will advise all users on this page, by updating the data on the top left of the page, as well as Subscribed Users, via e-mail. If you want to be updated on this and other changes on our Services, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Online users can be resident in any part of the world, while live users are required to reside or visit London, in order to reach DANIELA AZZIP TRAINING at 237A Fordwych Road, London NW2 3LY.

1. Payments and refunds

1.1. Pre-payments

We work on a pre-payment basis: all payments should be done prior to bookings. We will not accept your appointment if you haven't paid for this service online. Users enrolled on a monthly membership must have their payments updated to be able to contiue using our Services. Clients who have problems with online payments (including but not limited to our booking system) might do a bank transfer if required. We do not accept checks or cash. If you have any concerns about the way we take your payment, or if you are not happy with our alternatives of payment, you should contact us via e-mail at or on our mobile +447940956633.

1.2. Memberships and Recurrent Payments

Personal Training clients can pay for a monthly rolling membership, according to the frequency of their sessions. This membership allows them to pay less per session, and will be charged each month, from the date of the first payment, until the client decides to cancel this.

Cancellations can be done at any time, but we highly recomend processing this 4-7 days before your payment date. To cancel the membership, users must access their "settings" page on their account, and fill out the "cancel my membership" form. An e-mail confirming the cancellation will be sent within 2-4 working days.

Recurrent payments are charged monthly whether the user book the services or not. It is the user responsibility to take advantage of the services that he/she is paying for. No refunds will be given for lack of service usage.

When taking a time out of training or going away we highly recommend cancelling your membership. During this time, you will still have acess to our online platform. 

On the ocasions where we will be closed for a long period of time, we shall give you the sessions you lost in a convinient time for you.

At the moment, we only offer recurrent payments for Personal Training clients. Other recurrent payments might be added in the future.

Users must set their own recurrent payments buy choosing a pricing plan on our Personal Training Plans page.

1.3. Expiry Dates

All services available at our Booking System have an expiry date of one month from the purchasing date. Failure to use the services within the limited time will result in the loss of services. This is also applicable to monthly rolling plans, as each plan offers you a limited (or unlimited - unlimited plans) number of sessions per month, which cannot be extended to the following month.

Any service that might be booked after its expiry date will result in a cancelation. We cannot be liable for a service which has not been used within the permitted time. By doing bookings with us, you accept: (a) to take responsibility over your bookings and expiry date, (b) that if you do not book the service within its limited time, we will not give you the money back; and  (c) not to book an appointment which has expired.

Please note that this expiry date is settle from the purchased date, and not from the booking date (when applicable).

1.4. Refunds

Refunds can only be processed in case of medical incapacity, upon written proof. We do not process refunds for expired services, memberships not used, late cancellations, no-shows or any other reasons. 

If going away for annual leave or any other reason, users paying for a rolling monthly membership plan are advised to cancel their membership through the "settings" page, as described on section 1.2. If desired, users must pay for one-off sessions after expiring their membership.

We do not freeze monthly plans or any other service unless there is a medical condition preventing the client from using the service.

1.5. Transference of appointments

Appointments cannot be transferred to a different person, unless a medical condition prevent the client from participating in an exercise session. In this case, medical proof should be provided.

2. Bookings

You can book any appointment at any available slot via our Booking System, after the payment being processed. While most users can book an appointment at any slot on our timetable, 2:1 Personal Training clients will only be able to book their sessions at specific times.

We highly recommend users to book their appointments at least 24 hours in advance, to guarantee their space. We cannot take responsibility for other client's bookings, even if you have a regular time slot.

Please be aware, that if we do not have any appointment scheduled for a day within 24h, we hold the right to take that day off, making this day unavailable on our Booking System.

We offer different types of services on our platform. Any service can be booked by any user. "1-1 PT (1h) Paid Plan Members" and "2-1 PT (1h) Paid Plan Members" are the only exceptions, since these are services to be booked only by monthly rolling members.

2.1. Booking e-mails

Every time you do a booking with us, our Booking System sends an automatic e-mail confirming the appointment, as well as giving you extra information (on location, trainer, exact time, etc.). You may also receive another e-mail in case this appointment gets cancelled, so you have prior notice of such cancellation.

By doing an appointment with us, you agree to receive confirmation and cancellation e-mails of the bookings you make. This is for your information only, and to avoid misunderstandings in terms of dates or times, by creating a written confirmation of such appointment.

You will not be added to our mailing list, nor will we store your e-mail on any other list. You will not receive any other e-mails from us, unless you are a Subscribed User. Our Booking System is independent, so if you wish to receive information on our Services, possible changes to our Services, online platform, opening times and special events or promotions, please subscribe to our mailing list.

3. Reschedules and cancellations

Reschedules and/or cancellations must be done via our booking system. We will not accept text messages or e-mails.

We kindly remind users that they can access their platform from any device, anywhere.

We will not be responsible for late cancellations due to lack of Wi-Fi, data, network, signal or service.

3.1. Cancellations and 12 hours window policy

3.1.1. We hold a 12 hour cancellation window, which means that any appointment that has not been cancelled or rescheduled ahead (more than 12hours prior to the booking hour), will be fully charged, even if the client does not show up. Reschedules or cancellations within 12 hours can be done only in case of medical emergency, upon medical written proof. This does not include hangovers, headaches or stomachaches, period pains or lack of energy.

3.1.2. If the client is feeling unwell within the 12 hour frame, we highly recommend to inform the trainer of this, so he/she will be able to provide the client with a more gentle session, adjusting it according to his/her state on that day.

3.1.3. We hold the right to cancel an appointment when necessary. This might be done due to injury, sickness or lateness of the trainer, lack of payment or access to our Services, emergencies, or other reasons. All users booked for this appointment will be informed via our automatic e-mail system of such cancellation, and users have the right to seek for an explanation of such cancellation.

We cannot process refunds for cancellations, but clients have the right to redeem the appointment, rescheduling it at a different time.

3.2. Lateness

Sessions cannot be extended due to lateness. If a client is late for 10 minutes, a session of 1 hour will be delivered for 50 minutes. If the trainer happens to be late for any reason, this should be discussed between both parties, to decide whether the sessions should be rescheduled, or part of it extended at another date.

4. Other terms

4.1. Some services on our booking system may involve undressing and/or personal touch. If you have any concern regarding this, please consult us before making any appointment through our Booking System. 

4.2. You can review most of this terms when booking an appointment through our Booking System, as we included a summary of these. This summary should be only used as a reminder, and does not contain the Booking and Cancellation Policy in full. Please refer to this page for the full terms.


Booking and Cancellation Policy