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About Me




Portuguese Personal Trainer

based in NW London

BSc Sports Science

Certified Personal Trainer

9 years of experience

I am a smiley, enthusiastic and cheerful person, passionate about life changing.


Coming from a background of an unfit, unhealthy and overweight body, my desire is to help others achieving the best version of themselves, just like I did.


I work with all sorts of people: those who are regularly active - helping them to find new challenges, improving their weaknesses, and releasing them from aches and pains that might be affecting their performance - and those who are just starting their exercise journey, whether that's for weight loss, health, toning up, muscle gain, flexibility, recovery from an injury, you name it.

Balance is the key to success. Working on a holistic approach, I not only work with my clients toward their goals, but assess what can be improved. Self-confidence, nutrition, mobility and movement it's all part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

I focus on life-term changes, rather than short-term ones.