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🇹🇳 Tunisia Map

🇹🇳 Tunisia Map


On this map you will find a complete list of places to visit in Tunisia (from the most popular to the least popular), including hidden gems, abandoned places, cafes and restaurants, recommended and unique stays at Guest Houses and Hotels.


Tunisia is a hidden gem on its own, and it's a country full of historical cities, lush green oases, abandoned Berber villages, ancient archaeological sites, vast salt lakes, impressive mosques and ribats, diverse wildlife and so much more.


By purchasing the Tunisia map, you will have lifetime access to the map that I used to plan my trip to this country and where I included all possible places to explore that I could find. This map will be updated when necessary and user suggestions are always welcomed!

  • Contents

    This map includes cities, smaller towns and villages, islands, beaches, cliffs and bays, waterfalls, dams and lakes (including salt lakes), desert, canyons, mountains, viewpoints, caves, rock formations, castles and ribats, important buildings, ruins and other historical sites, medinas, aqueducts, amphitheaters, museums, oases, forests and parks (including National Parks), churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, abandoned sites and other attractions such as Theme Parks, Zoos and Thermal Baths. 

    Cafes, bars, restaurants and accomodation are also included.


    AROUND 1000 LOCATIONS:​​​​​​

    • Around 25 Top Places to Visit
    • 100+ Hidden Gems
    • 11 Star Wars Locations
    • 35 Abandoned Berber Villages
    • 80+ Abandoned Places
    • Over 90 Recommended and Unique Accommodations (Including Cave and Glamping Stays)
    • 20+ Recommended Cafes, Bars and Restaurants
    • And much more



    • Around 130 Visual Pins
    • Informative boxes for every pin
    • 45+ City/Town Guides
    • Interactive layers
    • Aerial and 3D view
    • Street view
    • Location Mode
    • and more
  • Terms of Use




    • Once you purchase your map, you will imediately get a link to download a PDF file on the "Thank you" page, as well as via e-mail. This link will last 30 days, so please make sure you download it as soon as you can.
    • This PDF will contain all the information you need, including instructions on how to access and use this map on different devices
    • Once you receive the PDF, you should save it and do any appropriate backups to ensure you will have it safe in case something happens to your device. We cannot take responsibility for any file loss.



    • This map can be accessed from any device (mobile, desktop, tablet...) and includes many different features such as different layers, visual pins, informative boxes, city guides, aerial and 3D view, street view and much more.



    • Due to the type of product we are offering, we do not accept refunds.
    • This map is for personal use only. Embedding, displaying, sharing, redistributing, publishing, selling or reselling,  renting, copying, gifting, sub-licensing, duplicating or replicating this map is prohibited.
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