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Blogger and Pastel Bundle

Blogger and Pastel Bundle

£60.00 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price

Blogger and Pastel Presets (Mobile + Desktop)


This package was designed to offer a more generic, colourful and pastel effect when applied, so it works with every type of photos. While the Pastel Presets offer that pastel look and perfect pink sunsets, the Blogger Presets make the colours pop. These last ones are my go-to presets, used in about 90% of my editing (Blog pictures, Youtube thumbnail, some of my Instagram photos, etc.)


Works best in:

  • Colourful photos (nature, colourful towns and houses, beach, fall, flowers, food, etc.)
  • Sunset pictures
  • Any photo that you want to enhance the colours or give a pink coloration


Included in the package:

  • A total of 308 presets (under £0.20 each!): 154 mobile presets + 154 desktop presets
  • 22 Distinct Presets + 6 brightness variations of each (3 darker and 3 brighter)
  • A Deluxe and a Simple version of each preset group to suit both beginners and advanced users
  • Lifetime purchase (1 time payment, no subscription needed for use on mobile)


  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Presets are customized filters developed on Adobe Lightroom, that can be used to transform plain and simple shots into more professional looking photos. These filters will change the colours, brightness and many other aspects of your photos so that you can get amazing results with one click only (or few adjustments), without knowing a thing about editing



    Anyone can benefit from using presets on their photos, but here are just few of the many reasons why you would like to have professional presets:

    • To improve the quality of your photos quickly, without needing to learn fancy editing skills;
    • To get better photo filters that what you generally can get on free programs such as Instagram, and that actually work on most of your pictures without looking "fake";
    • To improve the quality of a photographic project. If you're planning on making a digital album, or writing a blog, or presenting a photography portfolio, then these presets will not only improve the quality of each photo and do colour/light correction, but will also give a consistent look to your project;
    • To have a beautiful, consistent and aesthetic Instagram feed like mine, which attracts people attention and potential brand deals;
    • If you have a brand, to better showcase your products and services by giving them a more professional, attractive look, that will actually attract clientele - good quality photos is key!
    • Or even if you're just a photography enthusiast who often gets disappointed on how the photos turned out after capturing them, these presets will be ideal to give them the look you want!



    These presets were developed to work on mobile/tablets and desktop, and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop​.While you can use the FREE mobile Adobe Lightroom App to use these presets directly on your mobile phone or tablet device, you will need an Adobe Subscription if you're planning on using them on a desktop. When you purchase a preset bundle, you will be paying for the presets only, and not for the Adobe Subscription (you will need to do this through Adobe).Further benefits of having an Adobe Subscription are explained in the video above.​

    DISCLAIMER: By using the link contained on this page to purchase an Adobe subscription, you will be helping my work as I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.




    While these presets were developed to work in as many photos as possible, it is a fact that every photo is taken under different circumstances, and on different types of devices. My presets were tested on thousands of photos for over 2 years, taken on all sorts of devices: from DSLR cameras to drone photos, from low quality camera mobile phones to great quality camera mobile phones, from action cameras to tablets, you name it. Thanks to this, my presets are quality proof and should work on almost every photo using the different brightness variations or a few adjustments if you would like. ​The only reason why a preset might not look great on a specific photo is because that photo has colours that do not match the type of preset you're applying. For example: if you have a photo that do not look good with a pink effect, then the "pink pastel" might not be the best preset to apply and instead, you should go with a more natural effect such as the "Blogger Pastel".



    Each Preset Bundle is a package with different types of Preset Groups, so you will get a different look in your photo according to the preset that you apply.
    ​For example:
    1. BUNDLE: Blogger and Pastel Bundle
    1.1. PRESET GROUP: Blogger Pastel (Colour popping effect)
    1.2. PRESET GROUP: Blogger Warm (Warm colour popping effect)
    1.3. PRESET GROUP: Rose Pastel (Bright rose pastel effect)
    1.4. PRESET GROUP: Pink Pastel (Darker pink pastel effect)
    1.5. PRESET GROUP: Blue and Red Pastel (Blue and red pastel effect)​

    Each different Preset Group will have different presets. For example:
    1.1. PRESET GROUP: Blogger Pastel
    1A. PRESET: Blogger Pastel (base preset)
    1B. PRESET: Blogger Pastel Shadow I (base presets + dark shadows)
    1C. PRESET: Blogger Pastel Shadow II (base presets + darker shadows)
    1D. PRESET: Blogger Pastel Shadow III (base presets + very dark shadows)
    1E. PRESET: Blogger Pastel Bright (brighter version of the base preset)
    1F. PRESET: Blogger Pastel Bright Contrast (brighter version of the base preset + contrast)​

    You will notice that there is a regular Preset Group and a Deluxe Preset Group. Deluxe Preset Groups have 6 brightness variations of each preset, so that you can apply them with one click only, without the need of any adjustments
    1. BUNDLE: Blogger and Pastel Bundle
    1.1. PRESET GROUP: Blogger Pastel Deluxe
    1A. PRESET: Blogger Pastel -3 (darker version)
    1B. PRESET: Blogger Pastel -2 (dark version)
    1C. PRESET: Blogger Pastel -1 (light dark version)
    1D. PRESET: Blogger Pastel (base)
    1E. PRESET: Blogger Pastel +1 (light bright version)
    1F. PRESET: Blogger Pastel +2 (bright version)
    1G. PRESET: Blogger Pastel +3 (very bright version)




    When you purchase a Preset Bundle, you will receive two versions of each Preset Group: a regular one and a Deluxe version. If you're unsure of what Preset Bundle and Preset Group means, read the "What's included on each Preset Bundle?" section above.​The Deluxe version contains 6 different brightness variations of EACH preset on that group (3 darker and 3 brighter), which makes it easier for those who do not want to manually adjust the brightness of the photo, and would prefer to stick to one-click only filters as much as possible.While this version might seem convenient to many, if you prefer to do the manual adjustments as you desire, then choosing the regular Preset Group will be a lot better, because you will stay more organized and will be easier to see the difference between the different types of presets.



    Each Preset Bundle contains different types of Preset Groups, designed to give different types of looks on your photos. Some might offer more presets than others, but the real difference between them is the type of presets, and what were they designed to do.​So for example, while the "Blogger and Pastel" Bundle was designed to offer a more generic, colourful and pastel effect on the photos, the "Traveller" is a package with more specific and unique effects, designed to work with very specific types of landscapes: nature, forest, desert and beach in particular.​To know what each Preset Bundle was designed for in particular, hover over it above and click on "quick view" (desktop) or simply select the one you are interested in (mobile)



    As mentioned previously, I have developed these presets for over 2 years, and after many trial and error, to ensure they work on every possible photo. They are the result of many many hours of work, and they are available to you for a very affordable price, so you can have the same effect on your photos that I do on mines, with only one click or few adjustments. This can be used by any individual, regarding of if you want to use them for fun, or if you're a brand, and want to showcase your products in a professional way, even if you don't have any editing skills.​Not only that, in order to develop them, I had to invest in a subscription myself, as well as using a lot of pricey equipment to ensure they would work in all sorts of devices.​Having that in mind, I considered everyone's budget, and tried to come up with the lowest price possible (as little as £0.20 per preset!)



    There are certainly many Lightroom Presets available to purchase from other content creators. While I could have made mines available 2 years ago, when I firstly developed them, I decided to instead, use them over the years and make sure they would absolutely work in almost every photo.Not only that, instead of selling separately each Preset Group, I have grouped as many presets as I can on each Bundle, so when you do purchase a Bundle, you will get more than just one type of look on your photos (and you will get presets from as little as £0.20 each!)For example: instead of selling a "Blogger and Pastel" Bundle, I could have separated all of the Pastel presets as well as the Blogger presets and sell them on two different bundles, for over half of the price that I am selling the "Blogger and Pastel" Bundle. That way, when you would purchase one of them, you would only get the pastel look on your photos or the natural, colour popping look that you get from the blogger presets.​All of my Preset Bundles have over 20 different presets, plus 6 brightness variations of each (Deluxe version), which make them a great option for beginners who do not want to make adjustments to the brightness in their photos, and to those who love variation and like to have different options to choose from, for a lower price.



    Once you purchase a Preset Bundle, you will receive immediately a link to download your presets on the "Thank You" page after Checkout. You will also receive this link via e-mail. Please make sure you download the file straight away since this link will expire after 30 days. On top of that, make sure you back up your presets as you won't be able to redownload them.​The installation process is different on mobile and desktop. For that reason, I explain step to step on how to install these presets on both devices, on the top video of this page, so you can follow along the installation process.



    Presets are non-refundable because of their digital nature. However, I can understand that you might be unsure if these presets will give your photos the look that you want and so, you would like to try them first.If this is the case, feel free to send me one of your photos so I can apply the desired Preset Bundle on it and send it back to you, for free. You can require this via e-mail on​If you have any further questions about these presets, please do not hesitate to contact me on the same e-mail -



    By purchasing my products, you are supporting my work, and I truly appreciate that.One way to give it back to you is to give you some exposure on my page.​If you purchase my presets and are happy with them, please send me your before and after pictures over DM's on e-mail ( and I will be happy to share your feedback and results both on this page and on my Instagram stories, and a thank you for supporting me! ❤

  • Terms of Use


    • This shop and all products sold in it are subjected to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    • Once you purchase your package, you will imediately get a link to download it on the "Thank you" page, as well as via e-mail. This link will last 30 days, so please make sure you download it as soon as you can.



    These presets were designed to work on both desktop and mobile. Please bear in mind that while the Adobe Lightroom mobile App is FREE, you will need a subscription if you want to use these on a desktop, or have access to pro features on the free mobile app.

    They are compatible with both RAW and JPEG files, and will work on the following programs:

    • Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • Adobe Lightroom CC
    • Adobe Photoshop

    On top of that, even though these presets were made to work in every photo, please bear in mind that every photo was taken under different conditions and so, you might need to do few adjustments to get the desired look on certain photos



    • Once you receive your presets, you should backup these to ensure you will have them safe in case something happens to your device. We do not take responsibility for any file loss.
    • Due to the type of product we are offering, we do not accept refunds.
    • These presets are for personal use only. Embedding, displaying, sharing, redistributing, publishing, selling or reselling, renting, copying, gifting, sub-licensing, duplicating or replicating this product is prohibited.


  • 🇵🇹 Portuguese

    Blogger and Pastel Presets (Telefone + Computer)


    Este pacote foi desenvolvido para oferecer um efeito mais genérico, colorido e pastel quando aplicado, de forma a funcionar em praticamente todas as fotos. Enquanto que os presets Pastel oferecem o efeito pastel e aquele por do sol rosa perfeito, os presets Blogger realçam as cores da foto. Estes últimos são os presets que uso mais, e constituem cerca de 90% da minha edição (Fotos do blogue, thumbnails do Youtube, algumas das minhas imagens no Instagram, etc.)


    Funciona melhor em:

    • Fotos coloridas (natureza, cidades e casas coloridas, praia, praia, outuno, flores, comida, etc.)
    • Fotos de por do sol
    • Qualquer foto que queira realçar as cores ou adicionar uma coloração rosa


    Incluido no pacote:

    • Um total de 308 presets (abaixo de £0.20 cada!): 154  presets para telefone + 154 presets para computador
    • 22 Presets distintos + 6 variações de brilho para cada (3 mais escuros e 3 mais claros)
    • Uma versão simples e uma Deluxe de cada grupo de presets, de forma a ajudar iniciantes ou avançados em edição de fotografia
    • Compra única (pague apenas uma vez, sem necessidade de subscrição para telefones)



    • Esta loja e todos os produtos vendidos nela estão sujeitos aos nossos Termos & Condições e à nossa Política de Privacidade.
    • Imediatamente após efetuar o pagamento pelo seu pacote, receberá um link para fazer o download do ficheiro na página "Thank you", e também por e-mail. Este link tem uma duração de 30 dias e por isso, certifique-se de baixar o pacoque o mais cedo possível



    Estes presets foram desenvolvidos para funcionar no computador e em telefone. Tenha em atenção que enquanto a aplicação de telefone/tablet Adobe Lightroom é gratuita, para utilizar estes presets no computador precisará de uma subscrição de Adobe, que também lhe dará acesso a recursos adicionais na aplicação de telefone.

    Eles são compatíveis com ficheiros RAW e JPEG, e funcionam nos programas seguintes:

    • Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • Adobe Lightroom CC
    • Adobe Photoshop

    Apesar de estes presets terem sido desenvolvidos para funcionarem em todo o tipo de fotos, lembre-se que cada foto é tirada em circunstancias diferentes, e por isso, poderá precisar de efetuar pequenos ajustes para atingir o efeito necessário em determinadas fotos



    • Uma vez que receba os presets, certifique-se de fazer um backup destes para garantir que não os perca no caso de algo acontecer com os seus dispositivos. Não tomamos responsibilidade por qualquer tipo de perca de ficheiro.
    • Devido à natureza digital deste produto, não podemos oferecer devoluções.
    • Este produto é disponivel somente para uso pessoal. A cópia, duplicação ou réplica, incorporação, exibição, partilha, distribuição ou redistribuição, sub-licença, publicação, venda ou revenda, oferta ou arrendamento são extritamente proibidos.
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